Our Mission

Small Town Relationships & Trust

Hire a local attorney who has the experience and knowledge necessary to aggressively pursue your case, but who also has the trust and small town relationships of a local attorney.  When someone is handling some of the most trying matters of your life you need someone you can trust.   If you are looking for an attorney with these qualities then contact Mayer Law Office today.


02.Available and Accessible  

 There is nothing more frustrating for a client than being uninformed about their case.  If being informed and up-to-date on what is happening with your case is important to you hire Dustin to represent you today.  Dustin’s mission is to be available and accessible to his clients and to keep them informed on what the next step is in their case.  Mayer Law Office uses an online case management system that gives you access to all the documents in your case, keeps you informed on your next court date and allows you to send secured messages to your attorney. 

03.Compassionate Advocate

Dustin is ready to advocate on your behalf so contact him today.  He also understands the challenges and difficulties of your case and how impacts your life outside the courtroom.  You need an attorney that not only fights on your behalf but understands how it effects your daily life. 

About Us

Dustin Mayer

Dustin Mayer was born and raised in Dexter, Missouri and he is the fifth generation of his family to reside in the town of Dexter.  Dustin currently resides in Dexter with his 


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wife Ashley and daughter Lillian Marie.  Dustin is active in the Dexter community and is a member of the Dexter Chamber of Commerce, Stoddard County Bar Association, First Baptist Church of Dexter and serves as a member of the board of trustees at his church. 

Dustin’s dad, Rob Mayer, practiced law in Dexter for fifteen years before being elected as the Circuit Judge of the 35th Circuit, which covers Stoddard and Dunklin Counties.  However, most of Dustin’s family farm or are in an agriculture background.  Dustin’s grandpa farmed as well as his uncle and brother.  Dustin grew up around the farm and that taught him that there is no replacement for hard work and he will bring that work ethic to your case. 

After graduating from Dexter High School Dustin attended Southeast Missouri State University where obtained a bachelor of science degree in political science with a minor in legal communication and graduated Summa Cum Laude.  Dustin was a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and served as its president. 

Dustin attended the University of Missouri School of Law.  During law school Dustin served on the Journal of Dispute Resolution and participated in the criminal prosecution clinic where he was able to get valuable courtroom experience while in law school.  However, Dustin’s most important take away from law school was his wife Ashley who he met during his first year in law school.

After graduating from law school Dustin worked as an assistant attorney general for the Missouri Attorney General’s Office in St. Louis.  He served in the labor division representing the State in workers’ compensation cases and defending the second injury fund.  After leaving the Attorney General’s Office Dustin was hired by the Pemiscot County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office as an assistant prosecuting attorney.  Dustin was appointed to head the Pemiscot County Multi-disciplinary Team, which put him in charge of the prosecution of child sexual and physical abuse cases. 

Comprehensive legal support you can trust.


Mayer Law Office represents injured individuals in personal injury, criminal defense, workers’ compensation, and family law cases in the Dexter, Missouri and Southeast Missouri region.  Mayer Law Office is managed by Dustin Mayer and was originally founded by his father Rob Mayer in 1999 and was closed when he was elected Circuit Judge in 2012.  Dustin reopened Mayer Law Office in 2014 and Dustin realizes the legal process is frightening and unfamiliar for most people.  That is why Dustin believes there is nothing more important, as an attorney, than to be accessible and available to clients for any questions or concerns they may have. 

​As part of this client accessibility approach to practicing law Mayer Law Office has implemented an online case management system.  Mayer Law Office is one of the first firms in Stoddard County to take advantage the benefits of what an online case management system can provide for clients.  The system allows clients to login to an online portal and view all of the documents in their file online.  Clients can comment on documents, see upcoming court dates and send secured messages directly to Dustin among other things.  This system is backed by bank grade security so that all information is secured.  The Stoddard County Courthouse has implemented e-filing, which requires all documents to be filed online with the court and soon e-filing will be used statewide.  Technology is rapidly changing the practice of law and having an online case management system allows Mayer Law Office to stay ahead of the curve and allows for easier integration with the courts’ e-filing system. 

Take advantage of this technology and hire Dustin to be your attorney today.