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Missouri woman accused of stabbing claims self-defense

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Missouri police recently went door-to-door after receiving a phone call informing them that a person was bleeding and in need of help. Police say they couldn’t find anything until a 911 call provided them with additional clues. They arrived at a particular residence and saw blood outside.

Police contacted a woman in the residence. They say they witnessed more blood inside the home and signs of a struggle. Officers later stated that the woman told them there had been a fight. After detaining the woman, police discovered a man in another room who appeared to have suffered stab wounds. The woman apparently told police she had stabbed the man in self-defense.

There was a child in the home when police arrived

Police have accused the woman of multiple crimes, including child endangerment. A child that was in the home when investigators arrived did not appear to have any physical injuries. Investigators also claim that the residence looked like someone had tried to clean up a mess following a disturbance.

The woman is now being held in a county jail. When someone makes a statement to police during an investigation, it can be used as evidence in court, such as the statements of the woman in this case about stabbing the man in self-defense. In such cases, it is best to seek support from an experienced criminal defense attorney rather than risk making matters worse by acting on one’s own in court.