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Standing Up For You During A Frightening Criminal Case

Facing a criminal charge can feel terrifying. You are probably worried about whether the charge will affect your job, how your friends and relatives will perceive you, and whether you will spend time in jail. The time has come to get the help of a criminal defense lawyer.

Mayer Law Office has protected the rights of individuals in Dexter and the surrounding region of rural Missouri since 1996. Dustin Mayer, our attorney, will stand up for you ferociously if you face a criminal charge.

Just a few of the cases he regularly handles include:

He does not simply accept the charges against you and hope for the best. Dustin searches for exculpatory evidence, works with forensic experts, interviews witnesses and does everything else in his power to protect you. Some of his results include dismissed charges, reduced charges, alternative sentencing and mitigated sentencing.

Criminal Defense Help From A Former Prosecutor

Before joining the law firm, Dustin served as a prosecutor. This experience gave him rare and precious insight into how the state puts together its criminal cases. He understands how the other side thinks, which evidence it looks at and where its weak spots lie. When putting together your defense, he draws from this knowledge to build a persuasive strategy meant to get the lightest consequences possible.

Protect Your Rights Today With Our Help

The sooner you get help, the better – the state is already putting together its case against you. Mayer Law Office is the defense firm to advocate for you. To request a free initial consultation, please call 573-624-7876 or send us an email.