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Devoted To Defending Those Accused Of Drug Activity

The Missouri criminal justice system takes drug crimes very seriously. It comes down harshly on anyone convicted of a drug offense, even if the crime was a result of addiction.

At Mayer Law Office, we understand the nature of substance abuse – and of drug crimes. Our attorney, Dustin Mayer, has spent almost 12 years practicing criminal law. He fights for the rights of people throughout Stoddard County and the surrounding counties who face serious criminal charges related to controlled substances.

What Is Alternative Sentencing?

The court system has gradually come around to the idea that drug activity is often motivated by serious physiological addiction. Rather than punish people for their addictions, many district attorneys and judges will offer alternative sentencing rather than jail time or other penalties. Alternative sentencing allows offenders the chance to complete drug and alcohol counseling in the hope that they can get their lives on track. Dustin will do everything possible to get you alternative sentencing that gives you a second chance at life.

A Former Prosecutor Who Protects Your Rights

Dustin used to work as a prosecutor for the state of Missouri. He has handled dozens of drug cases from the other side. This is rare in criminal defense attorneys. When you hire him, you get unique insider knowledge of how the state prosecutes cases – and how best to defend yourself.

Talk To A Lawyer Today About Drug Crime Defense

You may have a chance of avoiding a harsh sentence, but it will take the skillful representation of Mayer Law Office. Learn what Dustin can do to help you by scheduling a free, confidential initial consultation. To begin, call our law office at 573-624-7876 or send us an email.