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A criminal defense may still be needed after a confession

On Behalf of | May 10, 2024 | Criminal Defense

In many cases, people facing charges in Missouri hire legal support to aggressively refute the accusations in court. Some cases never make it to trial, thanks to the skillful efforts of experienced attorneys who convince the judges overseeing their cases to dismiss them. Sometimes, however, a case goes to trial and the court hands down a conviction, or an accused individual confesses to a crime. What role does a criminal defense attorney play then? 

An example of the latter type of case can be found in a situation in the Kansas City area, where a man has stated that he is responsible for his wife’s death. The woman was a patient at a local medical center, where she was receiving a new port for kidney dialysis. At some point, staff members found her unresponsive and signaled a code blue. After being diagnosed as brain dead, she passed away and the woman’s organs were donated.  

What type of criminal defense follows a confession? 

The woman’s husband allegedly told their son and others that he choked his wife to death because he felt despair in trying to care for her and keep up with medical expenses. The man also reportedly said that it was not the first time he attempted to end his wife’s life. Police took him into custody after he confessed.  

In cases where an individual has confessed to a crime in Missouri, criminal defense support is still helpful. An experienced attorney may be able to negotiate a plea agreement with prosecutors or convince the court to go lighter on sentencing. An attorney can also bring important issues to the court’s attention, such as whether a confession was verbal or signed in writing, or whether there is evidence that the accused party was coerced or under duress when the confession was made.