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Missouri traffic stop led to drug arrest

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2023 | Firm News

When is a Missouri police officer allowed to search someone’s vehicle during a traffic stop? Many motorists are unaware of their rights and would not recognize a personal rights violation if one were to take place. In cases where police make a drug arrest, for instance, it is critical for the person facing charges to know whether the vehicle search that led to the arrest was conducted in a lawful manner.  

A recent incident occurred when two people were traveling through Missouri from another state. A police officer made a traffic stop due to an apparent vehicle registration violation. However, at some point during the traffic stop, the officer is said to have discovered illegal drugs in the vehicle.  

Both vehicle occupants are now facing drug charges in Missouri 

The occupants of the vehicle, who are listed as ages 31 and 33, were said to be residents of Oklahoma. They are now facing charges for the delivery of a controlled substance. The police department says that the substance in question is 32 pounds of marijuana.  

If a drug arrest is made by a Missouri police officer after seizing a substance from a person’s vehicle, laboratory testing must be performed to confirm that the substance, is, in fact, the drug named in any formal criminal charges. A person accused of a drug crime may refute the charges in court. That individual may also request immediate legal support as soon as an arrest has taken place. Such support increases a defendant’s chances of obtaining a positive outcome when the case is adjudicated in criminal court.