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Car accident victims upset by jail release

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A Missouri woman has been jailed since June 2023. She was taken into custody following a horrific motor vehicle collision. The car accident resulted in multiple fatalities and severe injuries to others. All the victims were riding motorcycles when the woman’s vehicle breached the center line and plowed directly into them.

Sadly, four people suffered fatal injuries in the collision. Seven other people were transported to a hospital for emergency medical treatment. The accident, involving five motorcycles, took place just north of Aurora.  The woman is facing criminal charges in connection with the incident, including DWI resulting in serious injury, DWI involving fatality and second-degree murder.

Judge reduces bond to set woman free after car accident

The surviving victims of the massive 2023 collision recently told reporters they feel like the court has played a cruel joke on them by releasing the woman who caused the accident. The judge reportedly reduced her bond and placed her on house arrest with an ankle monitor and restrictions regarding where she is permitted to go. Her release came after her attorney told the court that she received a stage IV metastatic cancer diagnosis and would not be able to obtain treatment while incarcerated.

In addition to facing criminal charges for DWI following a car accident that results in deaths and injuries, incidents like this often lead to civil lawsuits as well. Missouri law provides recourse to recovering victims, as well as immediate family members of deceased victims, by allowing them to file personal injury or wrongful death claims against the person or people who are deemed responsible for damages. In such cases, it is always best to seek legal guidance before heading to court.