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Support available for Missouri auto accident victims

On Behalf of | May 22, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether you live in Missouri all year, travel through for work or visit here on vacation, you likely spend a lot of your time driving a car or riding as a passenger. Regardless of how cautious and alert you are while driving, you have no control over the behavior of other motorists, which can place you and your loved ones at risk for serious injuries. If a collision occurs, it’s good to know where to seek post-accident support.

The top priority following a motor vehicle collision is always to seek medical attention. Even minor injuries can have lasting repercussions and impact your quality of life. Severe injuries can be devastating. Many injuries, such as those affecting the brain or spine, result in permanent disabilities that leave people in need of daily assistance to function.

Where to seek support following a Missouri collision

If you’re injured in a motor vehicle accident, it’s important to closely monitor your condition in the days and weeks following the incident. In addition to your medical team, your support network can include family members, close friends and others who can help you during recovery. For example, an experienced personal injury attorney can provide guidance and support, especially if you’re considering filing a legal claim against the party believed to have caused the accident.

Things to know about personal injury litigation

If another driver’s negligence causes a collision while you’re traveling on a Missouri road, he or she may be financially responsible for damages. Mayer Law Office provides strong support for recovering accident victims and their families. You’ll be glad to know that many accident claims can be settled without stepping foot inside a courtroom. To discuss your options, simply request a consultation using the contact the form, which is located on our website.