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Police looking for Missouri man after ATM theft

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | Criminal Defense

There has been a string of crimes in Missouri involving break-ins at automatic teller machines. A recent incident occurred that led police to search for a man who was seen wearing a face mask and dark clothing at the scene of an ATM theft. Police also say that a stolen vehicle was used to commit the crime.

The vehicle was later discovered away from the scene of the crime. Investigators say the car had been burned and was left abandoned. A substantial amount of money was reportedly missing from an ATM in Sullivan. The public has been asked to call the Sullivan Police Department with information regarding the incident.

Facing theft charges in Missouri

There’s a strong possibility that police will make an arrest if they locate the person they believe to be a suspect in this case. Facing theft charges in Missouri can lead to severe consequences if a conviction is handed down in court, especially when a large amount of money was missing and property damage occurred, as in this case. When the stakes are high, it pays to connect with an experienced criminal defense attorney from the start.

An attorney can carefully review events that transpired leading up to, during and following an arrest, then make recommendations as to which defense options are most viable in a particular case. A trial might be a lot less stressful, as well, with an attorney on hand to speak and act on behalf of the accused individual. While even the most skilled attorneys are not always able to obtain the verdict they had hoped for, acting alongside legal representation increases the chances of being able to secure a lighter sentence than that which is permitted by Missouri laws.